Tips on survey design for children- feedback from psychology professor

Here are some tips I summarized from feedback given by Prof. Liz Nilsen in Developmental Psychology, on the survey draft I designed on children’s perception on robots that make mistakes and how they learn from it, that I think are generalizable and might benefit future survey design.

  • Avoid asking double-barreled questions (two question in a row)
  • Pay attention to the sequence of sections that you ask the question in, also, within a section, pay attention to the sequence of which should go first and which should go later. (Some question may build on former ones)
  • If we are targeting kids, read the question twice and pay attention to whether they can understand it. Some tips that might make questions more understandable:
    • Use verbs that are tangible (did the mistakes made by robot surprise you?)
    • Use comparison (Does the robot make same mistakes as kids/ your friends do?)
  • Instead of yes/no question like “Is there anything that frustrate you, what are they?” try use more question that get at the degree (e.g. start with How…)

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